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cesa-tluh 01

CESA has been selected by the Helicopter Division of TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries) for the development, design, qualification and production of the hydraulic power system and product support for its 5.8 Ton-TLUH helicopter, which is currently under development.

It is a twin-turbine helicopter that is planned to come into service in 2020. This is a civilian helicopter that will be EASA-certified, although there will also be a military version. TAI expects a demand of 300 units in the coming ten years for its domestic market.

CESA will develop a complete hydraulic system for TAI's new helicopter. These will be two independent systems with the following functions: the supply of flow and pressure to the flight-control servo actuators (main and tail rotors) by both systems (redundancy); and supplying pressure and flow for retracting and extending the landing gear.

                                                                                                         cesa tai                     

Other technical features of the hydraulic system are:

  • It operates with MIL-PRF-83282 and MIL-PRF-87257 oils
  • Operating pressure of 3000 psi
  • Bootstrap-type reservoirs

The scope of the work for which CESA has been selected in open competition with other companies in the industry consists in the following activities:

  • Developing the complete Hydraulic Power System, which consists in the design, stress calculations, performance and heat control simulations, manufacture, assembly, assessment and certification of each one of the components.
  • CESA will be responsible for the architecture, and therefore of the safety calculations, for the entire system.
  • CESA will provide support for TAI for the design and manufacture of a test rig for the operation of the entire system.
  • Delivery of 6 complete shipsets plus spare parts for some of the components for the development phase.

The hydraulic system comprises the following equipment developed by CESA:

  • Reservoir
  • Filter Manifold
  • Main Shut-Off Valve
  • Landing Gear Shut-Off Valve
  • Tail Rotor Shut-Off Valve
  • Nitrogen Selector Valve
  • Nitrogen Bottle
  • Landing Gear Selector Valve

And others equipment to be specified by CESA.

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      Shut-Off Valve                             Hydraulic Reservoir                               Landing Gear Selector Valve                   Filter Manifold