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On 26 February CESA signed a contract for cooperation with the Korean company Energy&Machinery Korea (EMK) for the development of components for the hydraulic system of the LCH/LAH helicopter (Light Civil Helicopter / Light Armed Helicopter). This helicopter is developed by KAI (Korean Aerospace Industries) based on the AIRBUS EC155B1 Helicopters (Dauphin), which has been replaced in the AIRBUS range by the modern H160.

EMK is the local contractor chosen by KAI to develop the components of the hydraulic system with a design that is based on the latest aeronautic standards. In turn, EMK, the company that manufactures the wheel shafts for the A350 MGL and the Bootstrap reservoirs of the T-50 (a Korean supersonic training fighter), has chosen CESA as its international partner to develop and subsequently manufacture two of the components and to advise them in the development of another 3 components.

The equipment to be developed by CESA will be the right and left hydraulic reservoirs as well as the filter manifolds. The reservoirs are not pressurised and their concept is based on welded sheet metal vessels with a filter and level and temperature indicators. The manifolds are aluminium blocks with pressure sensors and filters.

This contract allows CESA to work with a new client, and to increase the number of new programs in Asia, as well as reinforcing the working package with EMK, with whom they are already working on the DEGASS project. Above all, it is an important foot in the door for CESA's participation in new military programs in Korea.