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Héroux-devtek Spain offers its clients integrated solutions, which range from advice on how to draw up complete system specifications, up to final certified product delivery, not to mention a comprehensive after-sales service throughout the product's working life.

HDI Spain’s implementation of integrated design/production management systems and its organisation of multi-disciplinary, product-targeted teams enables it to achieve significant reductions in new development lead times.

As a Tier 1 to the main OEM aircraft manufacturer, HDI Spain pursues a communication policy to monitor programmes, thus giving the client maximum visibility on them.

HDI Spain has highly qualified personnel with extensive experience, computer-assisted design programmes (CATIA), finite elements analysis (ALGOR, ELFINI), fluid mechanics analysis (FLUENT) and systems dynamic analysis (MATLAB-SIMULINK). We at HDI Spain use tools (PLM software) to control the life cycle of the product (eNovia).

With the aim of giving a complete Development Engineering solution, we complete the previous described tasks by performing RTMS (Reliability, Testability, Maintainability, and Safety) activities concurrently with all phases of design, in-service life, maintenance and support of the product.


Our main goal is to meet the requirements of our customer and to provide him with the support that fits in with his operational needs throughout the system’s entire life cycle.

Reliability: generation of failure rate predictions to calculate the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) during the development phase, later complementing the analysis sent to the Client with in-service Reliability reports based on the in-flight data obtained.

Flight safetyanalysis, carrying out Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)/Failure Modes and Effects Simulation Analysis (FMES)/Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) by means of HDI Spain, in-house developed software, which is capable of relating and transferring the data by interacting directly among the different analyses.

Maintainability analysis to ensure compliance with client requirements, defining the maintenance concept, scheduled and corrective maintenance tasks. With a view to improving the availability of aircraft component, maintenance tasks are designed that are to be done in accordance with accessibility, installation, detection and isolation of the declared fault, equipment repair capacity and operational conditions.

• HDI Spain  carries out Testability analyses based on the information arising from the reliability and in-flight security analyses, with a view to defining the concept to be applied, to defining the Built-in test equipment (BITE) and to analysing the detection and isolation capacity of the failure modes at different levels.

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We can boast of top quality test installations and laboratories, carrying out as it does mechanical, electrical and environmental classification tests such as:
- Vibration
- High and low temperature
- Humidity
- Salt spray
- Altitude
- Ice
- Shock

HDI Spain takes part in research development programmes in collaboration with other sector companies and/or universities and research institutions.