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Last 26 April, CESA and Diehl (DCM) signed a contractual framework agreement for regulating the repairs and support performed in the FAL for the A400M comfort modules system. This agreement was complemented with a quality audit performed by Diehl to determine the outsourcing quality and thereby complete the task delegation process. 

Diehl is a company that has become established in the world market as a designer and manufacturer of lavatories for most Airbus aircraft and some Boeing aircraft.

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CESA's relationship with Diehl began three years ago, in a campaign conducted for equipment and systems providers of the A400M as “field representative” in the FAL, initiating the transfer of tasks hitherto performed by Diehl staff in the FAL.

CESA's staff was required to undergo a training period of more than two months in Diehl's factory in Hamburg, Germany, as well as another 6 months of training in the FAL in order to be approved by Diehl for performing the repair work on its equipment in the FAL independently.

At this time CESA acts as the link between Diehl and Airbus for solving all unusual discrepancies in the comfort modules system that do not meet the standards established in the supply requirements. CESA is responsible for repairing panels and solving problems of an electrical, mechanical or hydraulic nature.

This contract represents a new milestone in the history of the Services Department and strengthens CESA's position as one of the main providers in the A400M FAL from Seville for this type of support requiring high-level technical skills.

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